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In Scotland, despite it being a fast-rising sport, there is not that many people committed to going surfing and staying true to the path as there are in many other countries. In Scotland it does take more effort, more grit and more tenacity than going down in a bikini and paddling out through the channel with your hair dry. This tends to make surfers in Scotland part of a unique crew, who express themselves by going surfing whenever and wherever they can. It sets them apart, it makes them a little bit different and they are a part of a very unique tribe. A tribe of strong and tough people doing things with the pre-mentioned determination, and for this they gain respect.

If the sandbank was anywhere in Australia it would be a lot more than busy. It would be packed to a dysfunctional state.

This bank however, is in Scotland, and it’s a little bit more complicated than paddling out in boardies or a bikini. On this day it’s about 9 degrees, and the offshore is light enough to not drop the temperature by too much. It’s a good day for surfing...