Taking up surfing anywhere in the world is awesome. Whether it is Scotland, Ireland, Hawaii, France, Mexico or Indonesia, taking up surfing is amazing on so many levels. Scotland is a different take, but many elements, simple fundamentals, remain true wherever you are.

Going surfing is being out in nature, and being one with it. In today’s full-speed world of screen-time and traffic and long school hours and so many commitments, it’s nice to slip out into the ocean, to be bobbing around in the waves, and breathing in fresh air. Nature has a way of calming it all down, and of making us realize that we need to slow down and take time for ourselves, and not just succumb to the madness of modern-day living.

In Scotland, you’re face with the element as well, with most sessions coming with wind, with fresh water, and cold beaches. This does nothing except awaken the senses even more dramatically, and makes you feel alive.


Surfing is always going to instill a feeling of freedom. You’re untethered from your mobile, and unless you’re wearing an Apple Watch (Series 3 or better) you’re off the grid. It’s just you, your board and a few waves. Being in wide-open spaces like the ocean is also therapeutic and helps you to feel the freedom, the lack of constraints, and the nonconformity of it all.

As a sport is also has incredible freedom, because you do not have a coach yelling, or an instructor giving you orders on how to hold your equipment, and how to hit a ball or run faster or go higher. It’s just you and your thoughts, and your thoughts will drift to how much fun it is to go surfing.

In Scotland, despite it being a fast-rising sport, there is not that many people committed to going surfing and staying true to the path as there are in many other countries. In Scotland it does take more effort, more grit and more tenacity than going down in a bikini and paddling out through the channel with your hair dry. This tends to make surfers in Scotland part of a unique crew, who express themselves by going surfing whenever and wherever they can. It sets them apart, it makes them a little bit different and they are a part of a very unique tribe. A tribe of strong and tough people doing things with the pre-mentioned determination, and for this they gain respect.

Surfing also comes with massive health benefits. Every surf is a work out, and it works so many muscles all over the body. Apart from the obvious paddling muscles as well as the muscles involved in standing in a crouched position, there are all the muscles involved in balancing, and there is also the body movements that surfers go through while doing intricate or radical moves. When it comes to high performance surfing, then the body goes into quick-twitch muscle movements, and also through extreme contortions while doing airs or twisting into backhand barrels. In simple terms, after a long surf you’re going to be exhausted.

If you’re in the Aberdeen area, there is the super-cool surf focused fitness classes at Scot Surf School that’ll quickly get you up to speed with some basic, surfer-friendly training programs. Check out all the fitness class options at

Wearing a thick wetsuit in the cold waters of Scotland just makes for more of a workout, and there is no way you’re going to succeed as a surfer in Scotland unless you’re really fit. Surfers who want to get further in their chosen sport of surfing usually supplement it with some sort of cross – training, be it running, cycling, gym work or yoga.

Surfing begets good health, and it keeps giving, as long as you keep surfing. 

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